(Published 11 June 2020)

While Tasmania remains one of Australia's States still maintaining border closures, the State Government is gradually reducing restrictions within the State for resident Tasmanians. Tourism Tasmania is encouraging Tasmanians to "Make Yourself at Home" - and has included Fly Fishing as one of those experiences that Tasmanians are being encouraged to try.

People are now able to visit their shacks and accommodation facilities across the State are gradually reopening, albeit with appropriate Covid 19 practices and restrictions in place. So too are dining and drinking options gradually coming back on line.

And TGALT's members are generally engaged in these changes, waiting for your enquiry about options for locals. These options, naturally, are constrained by fishing season regulations, but some waters are open year round, some private fisheries are still operating and some guides are happy to offer fly casting tuition.

So check out any of our TGALT members to see what they might be able to offer you.

As for our interstate and international friends, timelines are still vague.

We are confident that we are not too far away from news on how interstate travel might start to be viable, but remain pessimistic about when we can start to welcome international travellers again.

However, regardless of these limitations, if you are a potential visitor from interstate or overseas don't hesitate to get in touch with any of our members to discuss plans.

And keep your eyes peeled for Tourism Tasmania campaigns to promote fly fishing. One campaign will look to encourage Tasmanians to travel within Tasmania and, in part, to consider experiences in Tasmania that they might not have previously tried. Fly fishing fits this theme and so we'll be hoping to attract some fledgling fly fishers to the TGALT nest.

The second campaign will be focussed on the interstate travel market and is planned to include a specific campaign for the fly fishing market. Again, we'll keep you posted on that when it emerges.

So remember, all of our guides, lodges and affiliate partners are still out there, with their fingers crossed for a speedy return to some form of normal, and preparing for the new safety and health practices that will need to apply when things start to open up again.

They will all welcome any enquiries you might have about potential future bookings or how you you might want to start planning for your next fly fishing experience with Trout Guides and Lodges.

Stay safe.