On 26 October some of Tasmania's border restrictions will change. No longer will visitors from some states and territories have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in Tasmania.

People travelling from Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory who have not spent time in an affected region or premises in the 14 days prior to their arrival in Tasmania will not be required to quarantine on arrival in Tasmania from October 26 based on current Public Health advice.

Border restrictions will remain in place for people travelling from Victoria and NSW and those who have spent time in an Affected Region or Premises until further notice.

We are also awaiting news on NSW in coming weeks and, who knows, maybe Victorians too will be able to visit soon.

People entering the State from identified low-risk jurisdictions will be required to register their travel and contact details via the Tas E-Travel online systems a maximum of 3 days prior to arrival. The registration process will be available via the Tasmanian Covid website https://coronavirus.tas.gov.au/travellers-and-visitors/coming-to-tasmania from October 23. Travellers who have been in Affected Regions and Premises will still need to apply to enter the State via the G2G PASS system.

Based on current public health advice, people travelling from low-risk jurisdictions from October 26 will be able to continue to transit directly though Victoria or NSW (only stopping for fuel) to Sydney or Melbourne Airport or the Spirit of Tasmania terminal and not be subject to quarantine requirements that apply to that jurisdiction.

Please be aware that the COVID-19 situation in all States and Territories can change at any time requiring restrictions or other measures to be put in place. You should continue to monitor the latest situation at all times prior to your travel.

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