We are very pleased to announce that Ken Orr was inducted into the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame in 2019.

Nominated by Trout Guides and Lodges for the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame, Ken Orr was inducted at a ceremony held at the Inland Fisheries Service Liawenee Trout Weekend on 18th May by the Fisheries Minster, Guy Barnett.

This recognises Ken's achievements and support of the Tasmanian Trout fishery for over 60 years.

Ken, a co-founder of TGALT, says he is humbled by the nomination. "As a temporary custodian of what I believe is so special, in our wild brown trout fishery, I have always felt the need to preserve and protect it, for all those generations to come" wrote Ken on his social media.

Well done, and well deserved Ken.

Image credit: Ken Orr