Troutfit Guiding

Central Highlands
Mick Couvee


We offer Trout Fishing experiences be it, Fly or Lure fishing in the Central Highlands during the spring and summer based in Miena.

I hold an Inland Coxswain AMSA Certificate and both boats we use (in both NSW and Tasmania) are in Survey to AMSA specifications. I have a current First Aid certificate and carry a first aid kit.

Professionally I have been a Paramedic for the last 43 years, and have found fishing to be a great form of relaxation and stress relief. I have taken many First Responders and Defence personnel fishing and they have found it relaxing.

I have been an avid Fly Tyer for many years and enjoy fooling Trout with flies that I tie.

I use state of the art Rods and Reels which are all supplied. Waders and wading boots can also be supplied if you require these.

For the beginner I can take you on the whole fly fishing experience, from teaching you your first cast and landing your first trout on fly. Along the way you will begin to understand lake and stream craft, and be part of the immersive experience of fishing with a fly. I can take you to places in the Central Highlands where you will get time to take in the environment, and breathe some fresh Highland air. For the more experienced fly fishers, I will hone your skills to the next level and take you to locations that need that level of skill to be able to fish successfully be it wade Polaroiding ,early morning Midge fishing on the Great Lake or Sharking on the same Lake when a North Westerly is blowing on a Bluebird day.

Trout Trolling is very successful way to land a fish for those of you who are interested in a different style of fishing, I can take you aboard our fully surveyed Boat and demonstrate different trolling techniques including Flatlining, Lead Core lines and Downrigging. Trolling can be a very social experience, using different lures as well as engaging in good conversation with friends or family.

Whatever you’re interested in, please contact me at


Mick Couvee

Hello my name is Mick Couvee, I have been an avid Angler all my life. I first visited and fell in love with Tasmania in 1999. I come from the Snowy Mountains of NSW and I love my Trout Fishing. My passion is Fly Fishing and Trout Trolling which is what I do up here in the high country guiding on our Lakes Rivers and Streams.