November in Tasmania traditionally heralds the transition from the hard work of blind flogging with wet flies into the appearance of insects and hungry fish looking to consume their first servings of mayflies, beetles and the like. The wet flies will certainly keep entertaining those who love the sport of chasing tailing fish that are chasing frogs and generally foraging around the shores of our lakes and by the banks of our rivers. But at the same time the real sport starts with the fish taking increasing interest in what's drifting on the surface of our waterways.

Reports for the 2019 season are already confirming that our fishing is on track. The weather is warming up, the rivers are beautiful, the lakes are at good levels and the gates to the 19 Lagoons area are open. Tailing fish are being caught and the sea runners are strong in estuaries around Tasmania. And, importantly, TGALT members are reporting clients catching their first fish on dry flies, and seeing the variety of insects that we expect to see at this stage of the season.

And while this looks good from the perspective of the World Fly Fishing Championships in the first week of December, don't forget two things:

  • the competitors now aren't allowed to fish on the competition waters until the competition starts (but the rest of us are - although the two river stretches will be off limits to everyone from a week prior to the competition); and
  • the competition is only using three lakes and two rivers, leaving all the rest for us. This is, after all, the State that boasts a thousand lakes and kilometer after kilometer of rivers to explore.

So whenever you think you're ready to visit Tasmania, our magnificent trout are ready, our professional guides are ready and our wonderful accommodation is available.

Securing the services of one of TGALT's professional guides is a great way to tackle the challenges of fishing in Tasmania. With so many locations, such variable conditions and so many fly options a TGALT guide can transform a frustrating visit to a memorable holiday. And, of course, for those of you wanting to try fly fishing for the first time, what better way to do it than with a TGALT guide.

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Photo Courtesy on Inland Fisheries Service, Tasmania