The new 2015 Biosecurity Regulations make no mention of Tasmania’s ability to set and manage its own regional rules. The new legislation does not take into account specific regional requirements, nor potential regional consequences, which in our fisheries case, could be catastrophic.

Maintaining Tasmania’s specific biosecurity is vital to protect our unique environment, agribusiness, tourism, general health and well-being.

With reference to the Bill itself, and after careful consideration, we acknowledge that "Regional Differentiation" is referenced, but it is NOT CLEARLY MENTIONED in the supporting regulations.

The Australian Government Biosecurity import conditions database (BICON) need to include the INTENT and WORDING that important conditions must ‘MEET REGIONAL BIOSECURITY REQUIREMENTS’. These four simple words will give us the power to protect our borders and our unique state.

Tasmania needs a guarantee, written into the regulations, that regional differentiation will be built into the risk assessment process.

ALERT! Please, if you see any imported fresh or frozen trout or salmon products anywhere, still report it, and let’s then test this legislation before it’s too late.

This is a serious threat to our land based, and aquatic environment.

Please share with your family, friends and networks. Please lobby your federal members. Now is the time to speak out.


Featured image: 'Western Wilderness' by Matt Daniel. Finalist 150 Years of Trout in Tasmania photographic competition.